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1 review
Great food! Even called to check on a side request they thought we had missed. Good experience and didn't have to go out in rain!


1 review
Chicken Dijon consistently hits the mark for our office crew lunches. They are efficient, accurate, and the food is enjoyable.


Top Reviewer
I absolutely love their salads and pita bread my goodness. The Mediterranean fries are so good and guilty. Good prices too.


2 reviews
Appreciated timely delivery. I've ordered before and delivery took extremely long. Glad to see there's improvement!


Top Reviewer
The food was amazingly delicious, love the garlic sauce. Also we got our food in less than an hour thank you.

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It was August of 1993 and Afram Nimeh, an accountant by trade, was unemployed and decided to invest the last of his savings for his family. Joseph, twenty and Steven, eighteen were both students in college while working part-time. Joseph was working as a front desk clerk at the Ramada Hotel, while Steven had a job as a delivery driver at Chicken Dijon. Steven was working for five months, when one day the opportunity was presented that this unprofitable restaurant that brought in only 40 customers a day was for sale. We remember our father saying, "If I cant invest the last of my savings into my kids, who can I invest in? You Should Work for yourselves. You boys are young. If you fail, it wont affect you, but if you succeed, it will change your lives" A year later, the restaurant was moving in a positive direction. Chicken Dijon began showing profits, and was now debt free. Suddenly the Nimeh Family was struck by the tragic death of their father in December of 1994. Joseph and Steven Nimeh still carry the entrepreneurial spirit that their father taught them. The brothers are currently expanding their concept internally, while creating a franchise division that will give friends, customers, and investors the opportunity that Afram Nimeh gave them! Today, Chicken Dijon Rotisserie & Grill Has Become a multi-unit quick casual restaurant that is dedicated to serving its customers a healthy affordable meal, while never sacrificing service and quality, just like mom and dad did.